Oklahoma Thunder?

By: Christina Melvin
By: Christina Melvin

As Mark reported in the sportscast today, the new name for the former Seattle Sonics is now the Oklahoma Thunder.  While it's not official yet, KOCO in Oklahoma City is almost certain it is.  For more information on the details you can check out his story in the sports headlines, but the main point of this blog is to say:

Oklahoma Thunder?! Who's horrible idea was that?

There is nothing wrong with Thunder exactly, but there is nothing right about it either.  There are plenty of names that have much more relevance to the state of Oklahoma.  We had over 90 blog comments to prove it too.  It's almost as if the executives went through a list of weather nouns and landed on thunder.  Thunder happens everywhere.  There is nothing about it that says Oklahoma. 

If you really want to use Thunder, then why not "Thunderbirds." One person posted a very informative comment about what Thunderbirds means in Oklahoma:

"Thunderbirds" OK is the home of the 45th Div. "Thunderbirds", Tinker AFB Air Forces has the "Thunderbirds" and Native American Indians use the "Thunderbird" as a sign of good luck. So why not the Oklahoma City Thunderbirds.

I personally liked anything to do with either the Native American culture or the land rush.  Oh well, Thunder it is.

I can't wait until the team makes the new name official.  I'm hoping they will give a well thought out reason for why they picked the Thunder.  Let's hope the big wigs in OKC spent as much time on choosing the name as Hornsfan14 spent on his picture for the team (for a good laugh, go check that comment out at "A new name for the Sonics" blog post).

Let us know if you like the new name. I'm sure someone can think of a good reason why Thunder is the best name.  Until someone does that, I'll be referring to them as the Okie Dokies.   

Christina Melvin
KXII Sports


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