Anna school bus crash under investigation

ANNA, Tex. ― Authorities say they have ruled out one of the possible causes of last week's school bus crash in Anna that sent more than a dozen children to area hospitals and left parents and authorities wondering if it could have been avoided. Rita Kotey spoke with Anna police.

It's more like they know what did not cause the crash. Now police say they are piecing together the information to determine who or what did cause the accident.

Seventeen students were taken to area hospitals after their school bus hit a guardrail and crashed into a utility pole last Wednesday. Another student was taken to a hospital later that night.

Officials with the Anna Police Department say the school bus driver, 65-year-old Jackie Dobson, claimed the crash happened because of a mechanical error with the steering wheel, but police say they are not so sure.

“From our investigation the inspections done by licensed TX-DOT inspectors, there was no mechanical issues with that school bus," Sergeant Jeff Caponera with the Anna Police Department says,

Sgt. Caponera their investigation has proven the problem occurred when the bus was going over the bridge.

"The reason he wasn’t able to steer the bus is because the bus was stuck on the guardrail and the wheels kept getting tied up underneath the guardrail."

Anna Independent School District superintendent Dr. Joe Wardell says he was concerned when he heard the news of the crash.

"The first thing we worry about is how are the kids, and are they being taken care of the way that they should," Dr. Wardell said.

Local school districts like Anna employ drivers and buses from First Student, a contract bus service out of McKinney. We spoke with Jody Wolverton, the contract manager for First Student.

"We are fully cooperating with the current police investigation and will also conduct a through investigation of our own. The driver has been suspended pending the investigation of both."

Sgt. Caponera says if their investigation proves the crash was caused by bus driver error, Dobson could face more than just suspension from the workplace.

"If it was driver error, it could range anywhere from a simple Class C traffic citation to a felony of child endangerment," Sgt. Caponera says.

Officials say they are hoping to get an additional statement from Dobson. They say they are also looking into whether or not a car that was passing the bus on the bridge at the time could have had an effect on the accident.

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  • by Anonymous Location: USA on Dec 1, 2008 at 10:33 AM
    I know this driver and he should not have been driving that bus that day or any day, the kids said that he was reasing something and was looking down, you have to be paying attention to the road especailly when your driving a school bus loaded with kids, he was not paying attention or this accident would have not happen. Anonymous at 8:15 please keep comments like this off here especailly when you do not know what you are talking about
  • by Anonymous on Nov 29, 2008 at 08:15 PM
    Naturally people will blame the driver which it probably was him swirving to miss hitting something but as the police said already they checked his background and there is nothing wrong with him so you people that think he is crazy or drives like crap need to get your facts straight before you acuse someone of something. There was no reason why he couldnt be driving that bus and the state, police and first student all told you that. Most likely the cause of this whole thing was he was swerving to avoid hitting something but that is it. They have already said there is nothing wrong with his record or the bus so thats all thats left. You people should just be thankful nobody was seriously hurt.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 25, 2008 at 06:15 PM
    To anonymous at 1:06 pm. To quote the post you are saying is blatantly wrong, try re-reading the statement, it reads that cars affect wind, not that it was windy. As it states, have you never driven past an 18 wheeler and felt it shake your car? That is called a slip stream, jet stream, wind current, either way it is the wind being disrupted by something pushing against it, and knowing Newton's laws, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, a push results in a push. Your anger is unnecessary to these comments as we're discussing the wreck not the character of the comments. Trolling is unnecessary and it seems that KXII should screen comments like this.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 25, 2008 at 11:06 AM
    Anonymous from 10:50 THE WIND WAS NOT BLOWING THAT HARD THAT DAY!!! You know nothing please keep your comments to yourself, Man from VanI really don't care if he is a christian or not, I know him and he does not or did not need to be driving that bus that day, and Anonymous if you do not know that facts SHUT UP!
  • by Anonymous on Nov 25, 2008 at 07:36 AM
  • by Man Location: in Van on Nov 25, 2008 at 04:59 AM
    The driver of that bus is a great christian man. Anyone who knew him would make him their first choice on the list to drive their kids around.
  • by Anonymous on Nov 24, 2008 at 08:50 PM
    I'm sorry but evidently previous poster needs to learn physics, and has never driven past an 18 wheeler. Cars affect the wind. Wind pushes on things. Pretty simple, so yes vehicles impact other vehicles on the road. If not that there's human error, if the other driver was drifting into the bus' lane then the bus might have swerved, simple explanations that don't require hateful words.
  • by USA Location: Sherman on Nov 24, 2008 at 04:53 PM
    You officials need to stop making up stories like whether or not a car taht was passing the bus on the bridge at the time could have had an effect on the accident whatever!!! Do something about the driver, he is lieing to you all, he is crazy and should have never been behind the wheel of that bus
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