Ada emerges from winter storm with blanket of snow

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) -- The snow started to cover the city of Ada early Friday morning, and some places reported more than an inch of snow.

Tailer Hinson says she knew she'd have to be extra careful due to the snow, and the ice she couldn't see. "I was more or less just worried about the ice underneath the snow, I could feel the tires crunching, so I took it pretty slow."

Hinson says, she saw people driving too fast for these treacherous conditions.

"Sometimes I don't think people actually realize how to drive when it comes to that, and you can't just slam on your breaks in these conditions because you're just going to slide," Hinson said.

First responders worked a handful of weather-related car accidents in the Ada area Friday morning.

Ada Public Safety Director Jeff Crosby said if you have to get out be a defensive driver.

"No matter how safe you are, you never what the other person's going to do," Crosby said. "So the best thing you can do would be to stay home."

Crosby says city crews spread a salt and sand mixture on roads early Friday morning to keep drivers safe.

Crobsy says drivers should be prepared in case they get stuck or stranded. "As cold as it's been for so long, you have to be sure to keep warm blankets in the car," Crosby said. "Flashlights are a good thing." (Crosby)

Hinson has this advice for younger drivers..

"You're not invincible, things can happen to you," she said. "And pay more attention today than you would any other normal day."

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