Ada man stabbed by his roommate

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ADA, Okla.(KXII) -- An Ada man was stabbed by his roommate after the two got into an argument over rent money.

"I saw police and stuff all over there in the yard over there, and it kind of startled me because I heard the ambulance or whatever it was this morning, but I didn't think nothing about it, but sometimes things happen right next door." Ronnie Jackson said.

Jackson says he didn't know what was going on, but was worried when he saw police crowding a house near West 7th and Oak street.

"Police was everywhere and they started putting stuff on the ground, and I knew it couldn't of been no shooting because I would have heard it," Jackson said.

Around 8:15 Monday morning, an eye witness called police saying his next door neighbors were fighting outside their home.

"There was a pair fighting, in their front yard, it had kind of moved to the street and it appeared that one of them had been stabbed," (Lisa Bratcher said.

Police say Travis Demoss was stabbed multiple times in the neck and back by his roommate, Trevor Ford.

"The victim was laying there, and the assailant apparently grabbed him by his suspenders and tried to pull him in the house, and that's when cops got there on scene," Bratcher said.

According to Ada Police, the two were arguing about the rent not being paid.

"It kind of worried me because you know I live in this neighborhood and I have to watch out for these other people, myself, and somany things that done happened over in this area," Jackson said. "People just gotta look out for they neighbors..and you know be neighbors and not enemies."

Ford was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

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