Annual Burning of the Socks at Lake Texoma marks beginning of Spring

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LAKE TEXOMA, Texas (KXII) -- Celebrations of spring were held all over Lake Texoma with the annual Burning of the Socks.

"We're switching to the lake season mode."

Hundreds of people took part in Big Mineral Camp's second annual Burning of the Bocks on Saturday.

"We want to celebrate by burning our old socks and putting on flip flops."

Lisa Barnett, camp owner, says this annual event of burning marks the beginning of lake season for Lake Texoma.

Although this is just their second year doing this, several other marinas take part in it as well.

"This started out really with ... Cedar Mills started it I think a couple years ago. The lake Texoma Association promotes it, they're like chamber of commerce for the lake."

She says its been so successful for others, they decided they'd partake in it as well.

Besides offering a bonfire for people to burn there socks in, they also provided flip flops, music, free food, and a golf cart parade.

"It's just a lot of fun, we want our customers to have fun."

Lake-goer and Camp Manager, Carla Turner, says more than a thousand people have come out to celebrate the past couple years.

She encourages those who missed it this time around, to join the fun next year.

"Everybody should come we had a lot of fun."

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