Another construction project begins on SH-32

COURTNEY, Okla. (KXII)-- A highway and bridge reconstruction project began in Love County Monday that will continue through early 2018.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation says the project is taking place on state highway 32, just east of the state highway 89 south junction.

A new bridge and two overflows will be built to replace the current ones, and a sharp curve in the highway will be straightened for safety reasons.

The construction brings shifting lanes and a decreased speed of 45 miles an hour.

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission awarded the $11.5 million contract earlier this year.

One motorist hopes that its completion will help local business.

"I believe it will open up a lot more traffic through, which I think is needed, especially in this part of the community." Local Shea Burleson said. "But I hope it will bring more attention to this part of the world, that is forgotten I guess."

O.D.O.T warns motorists to be extra vigilant, as workers, equipment and decreased speeds are all present.

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