Arctic Invasion: Colder than last week

Arctic cold will spread quickly southward on Saturday, December 17. GFS model data.

Get ready for another dose of arctic air – even more intense than the visit of December 8-9.

Surface high pressure is building over northern Canada while a deep upper low pressure over Hudson Bay produces favorable steering currents for a southward push.

These help set the stage for another monster blast of cold, to 25 below zero in the Dakotas, and well down into the teens for Texoma by Sunday morning, December 18.

The front will pass sometime during the day Saturday, and temperatures may drop as much as 30 degrees in three hours behind it as the frigid air surges southward. Winds will also be stronger than behind the previous front, so we’re talking wind chills possibly below zero, with air temperatures ranging from 12 degrees north to 20 degrees south, on Sunday morning.

This cold wave will not only be more intense, but last a bit longer than the most recent one. Highs on Sunday will remain below freezing, and won’t get much above freezing on Monday. Temperatures finally reach the 40-degree range on Tuesday. This will be the second very hard freeze in the past two weeks – it seems Texoma’s winter is getting off to a colder start than expected.

Looking farther out, there’s some chance of wintry precip. the middle of next week, but there is a wide range of possibilities right now with cold rain the favorite.

Of course, that will be the subject of another blog when we get in a little closer.

Take Care,
Steve LaNore
Chief Meteorologist
News 12 / KXII-TV