Ardmore brings back homecoming parade tradition

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Friday morning Ardmoreites of all ages lined up on Main Street to celebrate their first homecoming parade in 20 years.

"The parade was great his pockets are full of candy. It was awesome," Kathy Weldon said.

Chef McGehee is a teacher, sponsor and bus driver for Ardmore High School and is the one who started the idea of bringing back the parade.

"I'm from Ringling originally and so we always had a parade when I was in high school and then I drove down to Davis one time and I saw it painted up red and white and was like we need to bring something like that to Ardmore," Chef McGehee said.

McGehee says he was not told why the tradition suddenly stopped but that he does expect it to start back up again after seeing the hundreds of people who came out this year.

"Just seeing all the people in the community come out and supporting our students and giving them a round of applause and cheering for them, it's just amazing for us because we need to build more community spirit here in Ardmore," McGehee said.

Those who attended the parade say they enjoy supporting the football team and look forward to coming back next year.

"Everyone likes to come together and show that we are really one big happy family," Quintaija Armstrong said.

Ardmore's homecoming game is at Noble Stadium tonight at 7:30 p.m. against El Reno.

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