Ardmore drivers offer tips to avoid winter-weather related wrecks

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- Carter County and surrounding areas got a light dusting of snow Friday, and that led to scattered patches of ice on the roads.

"We've had about 10 accidents since about 3-a.m. since the first snowfall came in this morning," Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Brian Quinn said. "All minor crashes with few to no injuries so far."

Quinn said with a light dusting of snow drivers tend to underestimate how dangerous conditions outside actually are.

"With the roads looking like they're cleared out, you still have those spots of ice, so we still see people travel at speeds greater than the posted speed limit, which is part of the reason we're having crashes," Quinn said.

We asked drivers what they do to prepare when wintry weather hits.

"I just watch for the other vehicles more than anything else, and try to avoid them, keep a safe distance from those guys," Eddie Eggston, who traveled from Madill to Gene Autry, said.

Troopers said during the next few days black ice will be the biggest danger to drivers.

"Our temperatures are not going to get above freezing. So anything that does melt from drivers driving over it is going to re-freeze, and appear to be a clear roadway," Quinn said.

Other tips include plan ahead and budget extra time to reach your destination.

Drivers should be extra cautious braking at intersections and on lesser traveled county roads.