Bells armed robbery victim uses three hole punch for protection

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BELLS, Texas (KXII) -- Around 10:50 Thursday night, Bells officers were called to the Bells Market for a call of an armed robbery. An employee we spoke with says the suspect was armed with a gun and the employee was armed with a hole puncher.

Cecil Montgomery was closing up shop and had all the cash from the day's sales out on the counter, sorting it to be put in the safe.

"At first I thought he was a regular customer and I said 'hey man you can't be in here,'" says Bells Market employee Cecil Montgomery. "And then I looked at him and saw the bandanna and the shades and I saw what was going down and I was like crap."

Montgomery says he was alarmed when he saw the suspect not standing straight and saw a gun in a bag.

"When he first walked in he was hunched over the entire time like a 90 degree angle and that's what he was like in the entire store," says Montgomery.

Montgomery tells us the suspect makes a dash for the cash near the register, then tells Montgomery to follow him to the office.

"So I'm just waiting with my hands in the air like I should be and we ended up going to the office," recalls Montgomery. "And when he left the office I ran back into the office and then he got outta here."

Once he locked himself inside the office, he realize he couldn't call for help.

"Unfortunately for me I left my cell phone out here on the counter and the landline is out here too so I waited there two minutes," says Montgomery. "Just scared out of my mind, played like secret agent with the hole punch and ran back to the office."

Police say they're looking at the store's surveillance video. Montgomery believes the suspect got away with 1,000 dollars in cash.

"I've never been in a situation where a guy is pointing a gun towards me or around me and threaten me and I gotta stay quiet I better listen to him or else I won't be walking out of this place, it was pretty intense," says Montgomery.

So far no arrests have been made and police say the investigation is still ongoing. Employees tell us they're looking into other ways of protecting themselves, rather than using hole punchers.

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