Beloved gifts stolen from family restaurant

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WILSON, Okla. (KXII)-- A pair of family mementos were stolen from a Wilson restaurant last week.

"I think its an outstanding place," Restaurant regular Tom Smith said. "Good food, good service."

Jimmy D's Catfish is a husband-and-wife-owned restaurant off Highway 70 in Wilson.

"Great catfish, their everything, their barbecue, everything's good," Another regular, Shelley Parker, said. "Nice people, and that's good too."

But they're not just known by locals for their food.

"You go in, and there's fish, and all kinds of artwork and designs." Smith said.

And Parker agrees.

"It makes it what it is. The antiques, and just the personalization of it." Parker said.

But last week, a Coca-Cola tray and Norman Rockwell print were unscrewed from the men's bathroom, and stolen from the restaurant.

Both were given to the owners by the husband's grandmother.

"It brought her so much joy to come in there and see the things she had brought us in, having it hang on our walls." Owner Tina Cross said.

His grandmother was a regular donor.

"She always had something for us for the restaurant, always." Cross said.

But last year, she died of cancer at the age of 90, and the owners say those gifts are irreplaceable.

"It's not a money thing, I have no clue whether they're worth anything or not," Cross said. "We never looked. It was because she gave them to us."

And the regulars empathize.

"I have things that my grandmother's given me, and my grandfather. And I wouldn't take any money for them." Parker said.

"If he had any gal about him, he would take those back at least put them on the porch." Smith said.

The owners have taken to social media, hoping they're spotted at a garage sale or online.

"We would just like to have them back. It's a sentimental thing." Cross said.

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