Blessing box in Antlers gaining attention

ANTLERS, Okla. (KXII) -- A new blessing box stands tall in Antlers, Oklahoma.

An idea that was created by one of its own citizens Taylor Phillips.

"I've seen the idea done before on Facebook and I've been going through a tough time and felt I needed to do something good in my community," Phillips said.

While going through personal issues around Thanksgiving, Taylor was inspired to build the blessing box and put it up a day before Thanksgiving to simply help local families.

"No one should go without especially on the holidays and maybe I can come up with a way to figure out to make sure everyone got something to eat on Thanksgiving," Phillips said.

It took time for the word to get out as his former teacher Nicole Faber found the box in late February and decided she wanted to participate in it.

"I decided to take an active role in helping stock the blessing box," Faber said. "So I wanted to make it well known through the community that we actually had a blessing box."

That's when Nicole took to social media to spread the word about the blessing box and even inspired her students to join in.

"As a student here at Antlers, I have received a lot from the community and I benefited from it and it's great that I get to give back," Antlers High School student Silas Maple said.

"But it kind of showed me how much the community really does need it and how much like our little things like the can goods or toilet papers are actually impacting those in need," Antlers High School student McKinley Payne said.

"A lot of donated things don't happen that often and a lot of great things don't happen that often so the blessing box is really just a blessing," Antlers High School student Alexis Gomez said.

Not only her students, but all students of all ages saw their friends impacted by the blessing box.

"My friend Gabby and my other friend Ty," Jericho Huckeby, who has donated to the box, said.

Taylor has been through tough moments in his life, but the blessing box in Antlers holds together items that can change a family's life.

"I've always wanted to make some kind of difference in the world and this is my difference."

Taylor did tell us he's had people come up to him and tell him they want to have more blessing boxes built within Antlers.