Blessings box needs food for donations

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LONE GROVE, Okla. (KXII) -- "It is a great thing for this community," says donator Lori Newton.

It's From the Heart charity has had the blessings box for six months, but lately, they're short on keeping the blessing box food available.

"Especially after the holidays because everything is on a tight, I guess tight budget. We just like to make sure everyone has something warm in their stomach," says owner Margie Roberts.

Roberts says she needs the community's help to keep their pantry and refrigerators full.

"Anybody can come and get it anytime we never ask any questions like I said that's between them and God. Cereal, breakfast bars things like that. Canned meats, chicken, tuna, ham, venison, anything like that is a big need and we run out of that real fast," says Roberts.

"I just dropped off a couple of bags of groceries for the blessings box and egg cartons, somebody is gonna donate fresh eggs," says Newton.

"I used it years and years ago, not so much anymore but I know a lot of people that used that," says local Barbara Salamone.

Salamone says in a town she used to live in the blessing box there made a big difference in her life. A small donation of food was what it took to get her through a rough patch and back on her feet.

"Just knowing that if it gets to that, the end of the paycheck or whatever that you know you can go. There are people that go that count on that," says Salamone.

"There's too much hate in the world and there needs to be more love, we need to help each other," says Newton.

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