Bonham volunteers gear up to help flood victims in Illinois

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BONHAM, Texas (KXII) A handful of volunteers from all over Texas hits the road for Illinois to help families whose homes were destroyed in a July flood.

"I'm happy to go in and help somebody in their time of need."

These volunteers are with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Disaster Relief.

Saturday morning, they headed off to Grayslake, a Chicago suburb affected by severe flooding.

"It''ll be 12 of us up there running two teams."

Last month, the Grayslake Mayor declared a local state of emergency -- following heavy rains.

According to a Chicago news station, damages in the area estimate $50,000.

That's why this crew will be on the road for the next two days traveling more than 900 miles.

"We'll go into a flooded home. We'll remove sheetrock above the water line and any insulation thats in the home.

"We tear out their floors, their walls and spray for mold so they won't get any of that. When we leave their houses, they will be clean and they'll be ready for them to put back everything."

This trip isn't the first one these volunteers have been on.

In fact, several in the group have gone as far as New York, South Dakota and Virginia, all over the past 12 years.

Every member taking part in this disaster relief effort says they do it for the same reason, God.

"We try to explain it to them. It's what the Lord wants us to do."

"It's a real privilege to help people in the name of Christ. The look of these people when they begin, they're really depressed. And by the time we get through, they see a light at the end of the tunnel."

The crew will be helping those families in need for the next week.
And its all made possible from donations.

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