Burglars steal from Ardmore Salvation Army store

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ARDMORE, OK The salvation army is known for helping many less fortunate people in local communities, but because of a recent theft, the Ardmore store might not be able to help as many people in need.

"It just breaks our hearts you know to see what's happened," Captain Nick Garrsion said.

That's what Garrison says about his store getting burglarized over the weekend.

Garrison says, at least $2,500 worth of electronics was stolen from the Ardmore store.

"The natural response is you might want to get angry about the fact that somebody would do this but quite honestly it's more disappointing, more hurtful to think that this would happen," He said.

Garrison tells News 12 as soon as his store manager called and told him what happened, he called Ardmore police to file a report.

"It's pretty low, because most of those items are donated to help people that can't afford stuff, they can come in there and get it at a lower price," Captain Keith Ingle said.

"That's awful," customer Leveta Reed said.

"Satan is shooting his arrows into people like that, that takes away from God's people," customer Rita Osuna said.

Garrison says he wishes whoever stole the items, would have just come into the store and asked for help.

He says that's what the Salvation Army is for, helping people in the community.

"Here at our family store at the Salvation Army everything we sell goes to help others in this community," He said, "so all the profits that are raised here go to help pay electric bills, put food on people's tables, give nights of stay at our shelter."

Police say they're still working to recover the stolen items.