Camper smashed by train after intoxicated driver crashed truck and camper on a railroad

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII) -- Durant police say a driver driving a pickup carrying a camper was driving eastbound Choctaw Road, crossed over highway 69, continued into the ditch before ultimately stopping on a railroad track.

Police say the driver, Earl Eugene Barr, had just left Choctaw Casino just a half mile down the road.

"He went through a stop sign through the intersection and believing that road continued in which it did not," says Durant Police Patrolman Nick Spencer.

The truck and camper dropped close to 50 feet into the ditch. Shortly after the crash a freight train carrying coal smashed into the camper.

"The truck was clear of the tracks but the trailer was still on the tracks, exposing it to the train," says Patrolman Spencer.

"All I can see is how you come off that curve come down that here and on that track you know," says Bryan County local James Stephens. "They told me there wasn't much left of that trailer and it's demolished."

Stephens says he heard about the accident through our newscast and wanted to check out the damage himself.

"Man that would be a rough ride right there," says Stephens.

Police say Barr was driving drunk and was charged with a DUI, carrying a firearm while under the influence and obstructing an officer.
They say he suffered only minor injuries.

"Thankfully he was able to get his vehicle, get himself all the way across the tracks and out of harms way," says Patrolman Spencer. "However, had anybody been riding in that camper, not like anybody should have been, it would've been a major tragedy."

Police say the collision is still under investigation. The rail way has since reopened for trains passing through

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