Detectives said body found near Colbert likely victim of foul play

COLBERT, Okla. (KXII) -- Children came across a dead body in Colbert on Saturday afternoon. Officials are investigating it as suspicious.

The family of a missing Durant man, Daniel Flores, 25, said that it was Flores' body that was found. Bryan County Sheriff's office has not confirmed that. Flores has been missing since May 6.

"It's uncomforting knowing that something like this happened literally about 400 yards away from my front porch," said Eliesha Henslee, who lives at the end of Hoyte Drive near where the body was discovered.

Henslee said she was outside getting ready to mow the lawn around 3 p.m. when she learned the news.

"Someone rode up on their 4-wheeler asking if we were missing anybody and we said no, because it was a strange question, and he let us know that his two grandsons rolled up on a dead body out in the woods," said Henslee.

Henslee said it happened on the man's property and his grandsons were 9 and 10 years old.

"Something that no kid should ever have to come up on. Ever," said Henslee. "I'm sure that they were pretty scared and it's going to affect them for the rest of their life."

"They went and told some of their relatives that were adults," said Chief Deputy Steve Nabors. "The adults went down to check what the kids had told him and, in fact, it was a body."

Nabors said the man was naked. For that reason, and where the body was found, he said it's being ruled suspicious.

"This area is fairly remote and you would have to know that area to be able to get to that area, it's not accessible by vehicle," said Nabors.

"It's not a busy road at all, like we live out here on a dead end. No one ever comes out here unless it's the city workers checking the reservoirs, which is right back that way," said Henslee.

Nabors said it's unknown how long the body had been there. He also said it's too early to name a cause of death or to identify him.

"All that I know at this moment, and this is just information that was passed on to me, is that it was a Hispanic man, he did have a tattoo on his chest and he was laying in a road with no clothes on and he had holes in him," said Henslee.

The Bryan County Sheriff's Office is leading the investigation. The medical examiner was also on scene.

OBSI has been called in to assist.

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