City of Ada asking residents to renew prop one and two

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ADA, OK Renewing is the key word there..uh this is a sales tax extension not an increase," Ada Jobs President Mike Southard said.

On January 10th Ada residents will decide whether to renew propositions one and two.
Prop one and two were passed in 1998 as a one cent sales tax increase to help the city's infrastructure and economic growth.
Prop one uses three fourths of each penny to fund road improvements..while prop two uses the remaining one fourth for economic development.

"The growth we've had since this was passed in 1998 is just been phenomenal, and infrastructure and economic development go hand and hand," city spokesperson Lisa Bratcher said.

April Redden is a long-time Ada resident and says she'd like to see the prop two money spent on improving Ada's Main street.

"We need some kind of something that makes people, this is cute let's stop," Redden said.

But in order for that to happen, voters will have approve the tax renewal
Ada's sales tax is the highest in state of Oklahoma at 9.38 percent..but Redden says it's necessary.

"I hate that we have to pay the tax but I really like seeing ..what the changes..the positives changes we've had in our community," Redden said.

In fact, everyone we spoke to said the results of the sales tax were worth the extra money.

"I have see a lot of positive changes on many of our roads out here, we've had several that have really been in poor repair..and the city's been very working to change that..and that helps," Redden said.

"If we want to see roads paved, we want to see uh jobs created..we want to see retail growth, and economic growth in the coming future..we're gonna have to have.. a dedicated funding source of some sort," Southard said.

You can visit the Pontotoc county election board to find your polling site on January 10th.