City of Denison settles federal lawsuit with former employee

DENISON, Texas (KXII) – The city of Denison sent out a press release on Friday announcing the federal lawsuit filed by former employee Kathleen Boatright had been settled.

The settlement was for $60,000 with the city of Denison contributing $10,000 toward the total. The rest was paid by the city’s insurance provider, the Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool.

The initial suit filed in September 2016 alleged the city fired Boatwright, then employed as an Administrative Assistant at the Library, accusing her of misuse of credit card, theft, and falsification of records -- but the real reasons had to do with her age and her perceived disabilities.

In a press release, the city maintains that it was right to terminate Boatright, and does not agree with the settlement. The press release read in part, “While the City understands why the case is dismissed, it does not agree with the settlement reached by TMLIRP.”

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