City of Sherman accepting care package donations for deployed officer

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- From serving the Sherman community as a police officer for 15 years, to serving his country as a part of the United States Air Force in Afghanistan, Bill Caver said his son, Tom, has always had it in him to help people.

"I think pretty much his style has been service to the community," said Caver.

Tom joined the Air Force reserve 3 years ago and was deployed overseas in early April for a six month tour.

"This is his first deployment," said Caver.

He's serving as a part of 738th Expeditionary Advisory Group Guardian Angel, which protects US military advisors, contractors and coalition forces members as they train, teach and instruct Afghan military personnel.

Caver said with both the city and the police department backing him every step of the way, his son is able to do his job there with more peace of mind.

"He was kind of worried about what would happen while he was gone, would he have a job and all that, but they're not only supportive, but they're encouraging him, you know, and it really helps," said Caver. "You just don't get that kind of support everywhere."

As a way to show that support and make him feel at home, officials have gotten together to send him a few care packages.

"He loves those care packages," said Caver.

Now, they're offering the public an opportunity to chip in and say their own 'thank yous'.

"Anybody locally, not just Shermanites, but anyone around here in the Texoma area who wants to donate to this effort can bring their donations to Sherman PD, they can bring them to the Sherman city hall any time in the next two weeks," said Nate Strauch with the city.

They're asking for things like non-perishable foods, health and boating magazines, phone cards and personal hygiene products.

"I think it's not so much what's in the package, but the fact that they care enough about him to send him stuff like that," said Caver.

The city said they're goal is to get the care package off in the mail, on its way to Afghanistan by August 1st.

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