City seeks improvements for busy intersection

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ADA, OK Many drivers use this intersection to get across town, but some say it needs improvement.

"There's a lot of confusion traffic is hectic, just especially during the lunch hour," Todd Allen said.

Crazy corner is a four-way intersection in the middle of town. The intersection connects Mississippi to Arlington streets, but some residents say there is one main problem, the railroad track running straight through the four-way stop.

"It's crazy you're going east on one side of the railroad tracks and west on the on one side of the railroad tracks, and its not a perfect 45 degree angle at all the stops," Allen said.

"It does seem like it'd be hard to maneuver if you're not from town," Lisa Bratcher said.

The city is taking steps to correct the area.

"The city of Ada, The Burlington Northern Sante Fe, Chickasaw Nation, and ODOT have come to an agreement that they will look at a different proposal, and different ways that crazy corner might be transformed into maybe an easier intersection to navigate " Bratcher said.

Some recommendations to improve the were installing traffic signals and flashing signals with a gate for the railroad track.

"There may be an issue, maybe we need cross arms at the railroad track to help control traffic better," Allen said.

"There's a stop sign but people just try and get across there so fast I mean we almost got T-Boned one time, so that's definitely a problem too," Haley Gerken said.

But Bratcher says things might not change quickly.

"Right now there's been no money committed it's just everybody going to look at different scenarios and could be a long time until anything is done," Bratcher said.

Bratcher tell us it would be costly to fix the area so this crazy corner could take years to improve.