City urges people to stay off dangerous dam

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TISHOMINGO, OK "They always just jumping off and they don't even check to see how deep it is or what's at the bottom of it," Brandon Jemes said,

Brandon Jemes says he's constantly worried for kids' safety when he's swimming at Pennington Creek.

Jemes says he always sees young children jumping off the dam, and an old building that sits above it.

"You got a whole bunch of little kids trying to jump off there, and a few days ago I took my little brother up here and he wanted to up there and jump off of it, and he's only 3," Jemes said.

Tishomingo city manager Travis Stroud says he's received numerous complaints about kids jumping off the abandoned building and dam right below it, into Pennington Creek.

"It's been going on a while become aware recently that there's been a problem, we're looking for resolutions to try to take care of it," Stroud said.

Stroud says it isn't just a safety concern.

He says when people are in the no swim zone, which is past the dam, it affects the natural flow and the city's water supply.

But Stroud says closing the area to the public isn't an option.

"We've chosen not to close it off so that we can get emergency personnel down there to the area if we need to," He said.

Stroud says police could start writing tickets if they catch people jumping from that abandoned building or the dam.

"I think that whatever they had going on before needs to be reinstated because this is just ridiculous," Jemes said.

"We just ask that they use their best judgement," Stroud said.

The city manager tells us police will start patrolling the area to enforce the rules.