Coalgate first responders return from Houston

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COALGATE, Okla (KXII)-- Five members of the Coalgate Swift Water Task Force were deployed to Houston last Monday to help people affected by the floods.

"We have a group of 25 individuals who are trained in wilderness search and rescue, rope rescue, water rescue," Aaron Blue said.

Coalgate fire chief and task force leader Aaron Blue says their mission was simple, help people in any way they could.

"One individual was moments from drowning, to just helping people get out of their homes and get to dry land," Blue said.

Blue tell us his team members back home helped too by making the logistics easier.

"We're all capable of responding we just happen to be those that were lucky enough to get to go," He said.

"We have the ability to communicate through a chat, and the ability to see the requests if they have request for us that I need to call the state, or the state contacts me," Emergency Management director Troy Hudson said.

Blue says going to Houston was a life-changing experience he won't forget.

He also says if duty calls, he'd go again.

"I'll always take it with me, it's definitely changed who I am and how I look at life," He said.