Construction on hold at future homeless shelter

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ADA, Okla. -- Construction stops at future homeless shelter.

"We had hoped to be able to open, and let people in and keep them warm during the worst of this winter, but our ideal and imagination is not the way it happens in reality," Dania Deschamps-Braly said.

Deschamp-Braly has been working to open Mama T's homeless shelter since Summer 2015.

Although she's made some progress, it's not moving as fast as she hoped.

"We've had some really cold nights, where the windchill factor has been below zero,and I feel badly...we all do, that there are people out there in the cold and there's nothing that you can do to help them," Deschamp-Braly said.

Deschamp-Braly said construction stopped because the city requires blueprints of the building's plumbing and electric before construction continues.

Once the prints are approved, construction will start again.

Ada resident Lana Acosta says there hasn't been a homeless shelter in town for several years.

"It'll help people get the people off the streets, and this way the men will have addresses so they can get jobs. Acosta said.

But Deschamp-Braly said the shelter still needs donations, so it can stay open, once it's finally ready.

"This is the end of the year, this is when people, or some people, have the habit of making end of year donations," Deschamp-Braly said. "And we would very much appreciate it if they would, think about Mama T's and think about contributing to us, to help get this done and help get it done as quickly as possible."

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