Craft beer festival coming to downtown Sherman

903 Brewers is one of many local businesses preparing for the second annual Craft the Night Away craft beer festival with the idea inspired to bring people to downtown Sherman.

"We started to look for something different," Executive Director of Downtown Sherman Now Karen Tooley said. "We have a fabulous brewery here, 903 Brewers and we talked to them and they said they would help conceptualize with us and they did last year."

"We recently purchased an old school building about eight blocks from downtown Sherman," 903 Brewers founder Jeremy Roberts said. "So my wife and I are really trying to get a lot more businesses and more people wanting to come towards downtown."

With their partnership, they came up with the concept to have about 28 breweries from around the state of Texas to showcase three of their craft beers.

The event will also feature live music, artists, and food vendors from around the area.

Last year's festival brought in residents from around the Texoma area and also visitors from all over to see Sherman's downtown.

But this event is more than just a way for the city to bring in revenue.

"It's not just simply economics," Sherman City Council member Kevin Couch said. "I think one of the bigger impacts is it's greatly improving the quality of life for our citizens. It's another thing for people to go do on the weekends in Sherman, Texas."

The community's response has been positive thanks to financial support from local businesses.

"Been wonderful," Tooley said. "We have wonderful sponsors that are financially helping promoting this and make it possible."

This is an event the city hopes will continue to attract downtown Sherman in the future.

"We hope Downtown Sherman now and that organization continues to do events like this in our downtown," Couch said. "Bring people in from different states even from different communities to see what Sherman, Texas has to offer."

The event will be on April 8th from 4 pm to 9 pm.

Tickets are $25 each person.

To purchase tickets, you can buy those on