'Day Without Immigrants' protests held in Sherman, across U.S.

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- A protest march formed Thursday around the Grayson County Courthouse in support of the "Day Without Immigrants"movement springing up around the nation.

Day Without Immigrants protests are springing up Tuesday across the nation, including around the Grayson County Courthouse in Sherman.

In Sherman, those marching said this was a direct response to President Trump's immigration crackdown, and crowds started showing up around 11 a.m.

Their message is one of unity. "We have already been there," Luveter Peters said. "We have been slaves. We are not going back to the (19)60s. We're going forward and we're going forward together."

Across the country, immigrants stayed home from school and work on Thursday to show how critical they are to the U.S. economy and way of life.

"A Day Without Immigrants" actions were initially planned in Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Houston, Chicago and New York, but the protest gained momentum on social media and by word of mouth.

It comes in response to trump, whose administration has pledged to increase the deportation of immigrants living in the country illegally.

Trump campaigned on building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and blamed high unemployment on immigration.

As president, he's called for a ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries from coming into the U.S.

Organizers expect thousands of people to participate nationally or show solidarity with workers.

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