Denison Development Alliance tunes in a new (Bent) Leaf

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DENISON, Texas -- Denison Development Alliance is making a new investment in a most unique downtown business.

Bent Leaf Studios has been in business for decades, and its name keeps getting bigger.

"You know, we've moved from recording local artists in 2010 to larger Texas artists to last month, we had a Nashville artist in doing a record for an entire week," Bent Leaf Studios Jesse Sims said.

Now, the studio big upgrades to their equipment, thanks to help from an alliance.

The Denison Development Alliance has offered Bent Leaf an incentive that will help pay for some of their $55,000 investments. "They get reimbursed so much per recording session, and they get reimbursed so much for major events downtown," DDA Vice President William Myers said.

Bent Leaf says recording sessions bring several benefits to Denison. "When we bring artists in, we're putting them up in local hotels," Sims said. "We're eating out at least twice a day."

Some benefits aren't as tangible as money, "Just to sit out on the patio and have a cup of coffee with a band from Nashville, people just think that's cool," Sims said.

The studio also hope to plan concerts with visiting artists in the future.
"iI draws activity into Denison, and it gets Denison's name out beyond Denison, beyond Texoma," Myers said.

"Bent Leaf is located in a smaller town than most other studios, but they say that the town of Denison is more of a benefit than people might think.

"We've got Lake Texoma where people can go and fish and water ski, and do things and make this a destination," Bent Leaf partner Andrew Sokol said. "To get away and be creative -- this is a great environment for that."

Bent Leaf's equipment is on par with larger studios, but they say one more thing will remain unique to Denison.

"It's not only what we've got in the board and the equipment and everything you can see here," Sokol said. "It's really the talent behind the board."

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