Denison car stolen, leads to high speed pursuit in McKinney

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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- "Okay so we walk out the door and while we were walking out, my car was parked right over there close to the Elite Styling sign and my coworker and her customer saw the guy in the car," says salon owner Michele Thomas.

Thomas says her 2009 gray Chevy Cobalt was stolen right before her eyes.

"He looked like he was startled," says Thomas. "He reversed and then he come this way and speed all the way down here and went straight that way and then he just disappeared."

It happened Thursday night outside her salon on Mirick and Crawford in Denison when she was closing up shop.

"So I decided to go outside and cool down my car because it was really hot," explains Thomas.

Thomas turned on her car and went back inside to grab her belongings.

"It was like seconds, not even minutes," says Thomas. "I was like oh my God, somebody was stealing my car!"

The suspect sped off. It wasn't until four hours later that police found her car 40 miles away in McKinney.

"They told me my car was in a pursuit on the highway and it was totaled," says Thomas.

The stolen car caught a Collin County deputy's eye when it was going 87 in a 55.

A mile and a half long pursuit ended when the suspect wrecked the car near North McDonald and Interchange Street and ran off, he hasn't been caught.

Thomas says this is a lesson learned.

"Do not leave your car running under no circumstances," says Thomas "This is exactly what you get when you leave your car running."

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