Denison home total loss after two fires hit the home just a few hours apart

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DENISON, Texas. (KXII) -- "The house across the street was engulfed in flames," says neighbor Kara Reeves.

Reeves says she woke up smelling smoke, went outside and saw her neighbor's home on Johnson and York Avenue on fire.

"It was just really intense i could smell the smoke in my house, it was awful," says Reeves.

That was the second of two fires to hit the home in the early morning hours. The first one happened just after midnight after fire fighters say a candle was left on top of a dresser in the bedroom. The homeowner was asleep.

"Just be careful, put your candles out," says Reeves.

That homeowner made it out unharmed, but a firefighter got stitches in his hand after cutting the electrical meter. Four hours later, firefighters were called back to the same home for a second fire.

"The flames went all the way up to the pole, we actually lost our power," says Reeves.

"The cable or satellite dish was knocked out and the electrical company came over here so there's been a lot of electrical damage," says neighbor Rick Collier.

The home wasn't livable after the first fire, but after the second, firefighters say it's a total loss.

"Feel fortunate that it wasn't worse than it was," says Collier. "Thanks to all the firefighters, my heart goes out to them."

"They did a really great job, they came out here really quick," says Reeves.

The second fire is under investigation but firefighters say it's not suspicious.

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