Dollar General grants thousands to Oklahoma schools

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SULPHUR, Okla. (KXII)-- The Dollar General Literacy Foundation has dispersed over 80,000-dollars to schools all across Oklahoma.

"Language is the real goal for deaf children, so reading, writing, that's our main goal here." Oklahoma School for the Deaf Superintendent Larry Hawkins said.

Hawkins says students at his school love the library.

"I started teaching here in 1971, and I don't think students had the desire to read like they did today." Hawkins said.

But due to state budget cuts, Hawkins says library services can sometimes fall to the way side.

"We really haven't had any kind of increase in a long, long time," Hawkins said. "Over 80% of our budget is salary, so we don't really have that much money left, so yeah, sometimes the library suffers."

That's why Librarian Lesa Price says she was estatic when the Dollar General Literacy Foundation said they'd be giving the school $2,000 for their library.

"Our money is tight, and so I'm on a limited budget, so this is really going to help out." Price said.

The School for the Deaf, Ardmore City Schools and Springer are a few of the Oklahoma schools that Dollar General granted money to: $84,000 between nearly 40 schools.

"It helps us fill in those gaps, and we don't have to spend our general funds for those things," Hawkins said. "So that's just like getting icing on the cake or something. Those are extra funds we don't have to worry about."

Price hopes to use the grant to buy new seating, a laptop and of course, books.

"Technology these days has kind of overridden a real book, but that's something I want to instill to our students as well: the smell of a book, the feel of a book, I don't want that to die." Price said.

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