Donkey Doo Drop fundraiser donates $1,000 to United Way

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Meet Rudy and Rosy, the stars of the fourth annual Donkey Doo Fundraiser.

"We are all cheering them on like come on do it this is amazing," Assistant director for the Parks and Recreation Department Alicia Henry said.

Assistant director for the Parks and Recreation Department Alicia Henry says the HFV Wilson Community Center raised about one thousand dollars for United way during their Donkey Doo Drop fundraiser on Wednesday.

Henry says the department pre-sell tickets to community members for $10.

Each ticket purchased has a number from 1 through 100 written on it.

"And then they come out here, if they want to, on the day of the event and watch the donkey actually select one of their squares by pooping on it," Henry said.

And this year it was Rudy who selected lucky number 27.

The person who won, wished to remain anonymous but donated the one hundred dollar cash prize back to United Way.

Dan Corr is the founder and director of Hill Top Equine Therapy, a non profit organization that helps children and adults with special needs through therapeutic horses.

Corr says it was his first year using his donkeys for the event.

"Oh there's a lot silliness with something like that, these donkeys are kind of performers in themselves," Corr said.

Corr says when the parks and rec department told him about the event, he did not hesitate to help.

"United Way has been huge to our program so any time we can get involved or help with their other fundraisers, we're a phone call away," Corr said.

Next year could include another set of donkeys and numbers so more people can get involved.

"It's a great cause, but you get to have fun with the donkeys. I mean, we were petting them and cheering them on and it's something different," Henry said.

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