Sulphur donut shop holds fundraiser for kids hurt in crash

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SULPHUR, Okla. (KXII) -- Seth and Zoe Johnson have been in the hospital since last Thursday.

It's been a week since two Sulphur kids were injured in a car crash that killed their grandmother.

Now the community is coming to together to help their family with medical expenses.

The 10 year old twins were injured in a car crash near Highway 1 and the Chickasaw Turnpike.

Their grandmother, who was driving the car, died at the scene.

"When we heard the extent of the injuries and stuff, we were crushed," Tamara Lee said.

Tamara Lee is Zoe's basketball coach and a family friend.

When she told community members about the crash, a local donut shop stepped in to help the family.

"When we first heard about the accident and it made us think about Zoe and Seth, and every morning they stop by, and her favorite donut is the blue donut," Sopheary Mao said.

Sopheary Mao says her husband, Rack, decided to host a fundraiser.

All proceeds of blue donuts are going to the family.

"They come here everyday and seeing little kids get in a car accident that kind of felt bad," Rack Mao said.

The Maos say they sold 500 blue donuts Thursday morning.

So far, the couple has raised $1,700.

"It's heartwarming to see all these people come and donate, some of these people don't even know the twins," Fulli Nhem said,"and so it's good to know there are a lot of good people still out there."

Seth has been released, but Zoe is still recovering in the hospital.

The fundraiser ends Friday afternoon.

"They are very very loved," Lee said.

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