Drought Down, but not Out, Thanks to February Rainfall

Drought conditions on Feb 23, 2017; U.S. Drought Monitor

Texoma has received two significant rainfalls in the month of February, bringing combined precipitation totals of several inches in many cases (see maps below).

But, it hasn’t been enough to erase the drought completely; a glance at the two drought maps below, the first one from January 23 and the second from February 23 shows that conditions have improved to some degree. However, an expected windy and generally dry pattern suggests the drought will likely worsen (again) as we get into March.

Outdoor burning should be avoided on windy days. Also be careful with other ignition sources like cigarettes and welders; and please never park vehicles in tall grass where the exhaust pipes and catalytic converters can quickly ignite a blaze.

Take Care,
Steve LaNore
Chief Meteorologist
News 12 / KXII-TV

Some decent February rainfall eased the drought a little, but we need a lot more rain to get rid of it.
Drought conditions on Jan 23, 2017; U.S. Drought Monitor
Drought conditions on Feb 23, 2017; U.S. Drought Monitor