Families move back into Highport Marina’s U-Dock

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POTTSBORO, Texas (KXII) A new dock made its triumphant debut on Lake Texoma last week after a devastating fire in July.

Two families spent Friday moving back into the Highport Marina, including the Kowalewskis.

Andrea and Todd tell us they’re still in the hole about $60,000 from the fire, but they were able to get a new boat.

“Unbelievable,” Andrea Kowalewski said. “We never even expected anything like this to ever happen.”

“Never imagined 17 boats could be on fire at one time,” Todd Kowalewski said.

The fire burned for several hours on July 19, 2017, destroying the boats, jet skis and countless personal belongings before claiming the dock itself.

The loss is estimated in the millions.

Investigators said the fire started from an electrical pump clamp hitting metal while a man was emptying water from a gas tank.

VP of Operations Christie Bliss said it was one of the darkest days of her career at Highport.

“Just so helpless to do anything about it. It was just really sad. To watch all these people’s lake life, just went up in smoke that day,” Bliss said. “We’re just so excited that they’re all back and it makes us feel so great to put this new dock together for them.”

Bliss said they still have about 5 more slips to fill on U-Dock but she doesn’t expect it will take too long.

And the Kowalewskis have another boat.

“There was no other option of looking at another dock, another slip. We knew that we were coming back to the same location and coming back to the U-Dock family.” Andrea Kowalewski said.

A total of five families they've shared the dock with for more than a decade.

“Last night was actually our first night to actually stay on the boat and when I went to bed I thought about it,” she said. “It’s going to be on our minds a while until we get back into the routine of stuff.”