Family of Sherman firefighter surprised with Christmas wish

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WHITEWRIGHT, Texas (KXII) -- Christmas came early for the family of one Sherman firefighter whose wife has been battling breast cancer, and it was all a surprise.

"When they surprise you like that, I mean you are shocked, just shocked," Holly Green said.

Sherman firefighter Aaron Green and his wife Holly have been working to repair their home in Whitewright for their three kids, but when Holly was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, the bills started stacking up.

"The work kind of stopped and we ran out of money," Aaron said.

"It has been emotional, all together overwhelming," Holly said.

But all their worry, over money, Christmas presents, repairs, all changed in a matter of minutes.

"We had no idea what was going on," their son Austin said.

"We are sitting here and we're looking out the window and all these people are gathering," Holly said.

Their daughters Haven and Mallory said they also were very surprised when they saw their teachers standing outside of their house.

"I heard them pull up out front, that was my fire engine, the one I normally drive, so I knew when I heard it," Aaron said.

More than 35 people from Globe Life, Holly's employer, Sherman firefighters, teachers and more than $4,000 worth of gifts, all outside their front door.

"And they stocked our pantry and gave the kids Christmas gifts," Holly said. "We had an entire yard full of people."

"I was surprised and happy that all of those people were there for her," Austin said. "I felt a lot of joy inside."

It was all a part of 94.9 KLTY's Christmas Wish, where they take nominations and select wishes to grant. Everything was donated by listeners and their partners, including a $16,000 check.

"A very large check to finish our house," Holly said.

"To have something the kids could be proud of, somewhere healthy for her to recover and get better," Aaron said.

Holly still has surgeries and potentially more radiation, but just a few days ago, they had one more Christmas miracle- she is now cancer free.

"You realize you're not alone and it's an amazing feeling," Holly said.

Her daughter Mallory agreed. "It means they care about us and they love us."

(Video courtesy of: 94.9 KLTY Christmas Wish)