Family speaks for first time since loved one's murder

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII)-- Thursday morning, 19-year-old Madison Martin was given eight years in prison for the November murder of Chivas Piggee.

It could have been 10 years to life, but the prosecution believes she didn't intend to kill him, and the victim's family wanted to show compassion to honor Chivas' memory.

"It's the worst thing you've ever felt. It's like losing your heart, your breaths are never the same," Patrick Piggee, the victim's younger brother, said. "Every breath is just ... it's not all there. A piece of you is dead too."

Martin pleaded guilty Thursday to second degree murder, for stabbing Chivas multiple times. Besides the eight years in prison, she will also face 12 years probation.

Piggee says its a compassionate sentence, for a reason.

"We want her to still have an opportunity to have a life. That's more than my brother was given," Piggee said. "So she will still have time to get out and hopefully have a productive life."

He says the sentence reflects the same compassion his brother exemplified.

"His motivations were simply to make people laugh and make everybody happy," Piggee said. "No matter what he was going through in life - homeless, on drugs- anybody that he came in contact, he made them smile, he made them happy."

Chivas used to date Martin's mother, Laurie. Police say in late November, Laurie lured Chivas to here home where Madison and two others attacked, chasing him to the corner of E and 5th Street Northwest. That's where Madison stabbed him five times with a pocket knife.

Piggee says the families of everyone involved is now feeling the pain.

"Multiple families are effected by the loss of one life," Piggee said. "Just shows you how precious a life is."

The two others, Keenen Wright and Dalton Waugh, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and got four years in prison last month.

Earlier this month, Laurie Martin pleaded not guilty to manslaughter. She is set to return to court for trial on August 7th.

"We will get through this, and we will get stronger," Piggee said. "But we will honor my brother's memory by doing so."

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