Female athlete with hearing disability plays football at Oklahoma School for the Deaf

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SULPHUR, Okla (KXII)--Whether she's catching passes or making tackles, you'll always find Brittany Wimberly on a football field.

Wimberly is the only girl on her team, but that's not the only battle she faces, Wimberly is deaf.

"Hearing impairment and hearing people is not very different, they don't have to look at you to say think negative things about you,"Wimberly said,"but why think that when we're the same, just our hearing's different."

Wimberly says she's always loved sports, but because of her hearing impairment she wasn't allowed to play

"The public schools just wouldn't allow her because they were afraid she'd get out on the basketball courts or out on the track field [and] she wouldn't be able to listen or to hear them," Mother Pamela Digby said.

So three years ago, Brittany left public school to attend the Oklahoma School for the Deaf in Sulphur.

Rather than being labeled as a kid with a disability, Wimberly is now a part of the team playing as a defensive end.

"It feels good, like [it] makes me happy because I always say a girl can do the same as guys can do too," Wimberly said.

Her coach Lawson Pair agrees.

"We want the students to do anything they want to do here at OSD, they could be homecoming queen, they could play sports,"Pair said, "things they can't do at a mainstream school."

Coach Pair says this isn't the first time he's had a girl on his team, and he doesn't let the boys take it easy on her.

"I think it teaches that females can be as equal as the boys in some areas," He said.

Wimberly says she hopes to teach girls one thing.

"Follow your dreams and follow your heart don't let anything stop you from that,"She said.