Pontotoc county baby delivered early, on New Year's Day

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) -- The family of the first baby born in Pontotoc County of 2017 reflects on an early delivery.

It was a little after noon on New Year's Eve and a pregnant Lauwren
Coody was feeling pain in her feet and lower back.

Even though she wasn't due for a month she headed to the hospital.

"I didn't know," Coody said. "I guess I had been in labor since 3:30 the other morning."

Lauwren's aunt Shannon Callahan says, once their family realized the baby was coming a month early, they wanted to be sure he didn't arrive until the new year.

"You might have him toda, but hold him in until midnight so we can have a New Years baby," Callahan said.

Hours later, Lauwren delivered Da'Corion McCarroll at 12:40 in the morning on New Years day.

Da'Corion weighs pounds, and is 18 inches long.

"He's 'bout to get all the goodies in one, he got Christmas, birthday, everything," Corey McCarroll said.

Father Corey McCarroll says the unexpected delivery made him feel nervous.

"I was scared, I started crying," McCarroll said.

"He was okay, you know we were worried you know a month early..so you're always concerned," Sandra Jarvis said.

McCarroll says there's nothing more he could ask for after having a healthy baby boy.

"It feels good knowing that I have two little kiddos now, a boy and a girl..so that's a perfect combination right there," McCarroll said.

"I love it..just another..just another kiddo to love on," Callahan said.

"He's a little trooper, and he's wonderful," Jarvis said.

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