Texoma boaters heading to help Harvey victims for 'as long as it takes'

Four locals are heading down to the Houston area with their airboats Wednesday morning after last minute shopping and loading up Tuesday afternoon.

"I got cleaning supplies, water, crackers, for each boat," said Sara Jerome, a chairwoman for the Red Cross who organized the trip down south.

She's connected with a local sheriff's department near Houston to help the four locals find a place to rescue people once they arrive.

"It's awesome to go down and do this," said Norman O'Neal, who has an airboat on Lake Texoma. "I just want to help out and I don't really care how long I have to stay, I just want to help."

O'Neal is one of the four brave men heading down to help. He's been waiting all week to take his airboat down south.

"Whatever they need us to do, I'm going to make sure I can do every bit of it," O'Neal said.

The four men plan on staying for as long as they can be put to work, and there is a lot of work to be done. Thousands of rescue calls are pouring in every hour still.

"These guys selflessly give," Jerome said. "They're going to be nasty, uncomfortable, soaking wet for about a week, so my heart goes out to these guys."

With the shopping list fully checked off, the boaters are finally ready for whatever Harvey throws at them.

"It makes me cry," Jerome said. "It gives you a lot of positive things for humanity -- you can see the good in people."

Jerome has headlined a cleanup supplies drive at two local locations.

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