Grayson College ready for carry law on campus

DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- The new policy for licensed handgun carriers being allowed to carry firearms will start on August 1st just before the new school year begins for Grayson College.

This stems from the state's senate bill that was passed in 2015 to allow licensed owners to carry a handgun on any college campus.

Community colleges, like Grayson College, have had an extra year from four year universities to plan on how to make their campuses a safe environment for their students.

"During our town halls and open forums, we did have some student input and we tried to address any fears or concerns giving them statistics on those who do carry concealed," Grayson College Director of Public Safety & Emergency Management Andrew MacPherson said.

On Monday, Grayson College President Jeremy McMillen met with the college's board of trustee to talk about restrictions on where concealed firearms are allowed on campus.

The board approved of restricted locations such as interscholastic events, athletic events, polling places, and public meetings.

Grayson College's staff hopes to have a good understanding with concealed firearms carriers about what it means to come locked and loaded on campus.

"My staff are going to be aware that we will have potential concealed handgun carriers on campus and we want those concealed carriers to be aware that the officers are going to, you know, if someone comes in with a gun, that's going to be a concerned for us," MacPherson said.

When I spoke to students about carrying handguns on campus, many of them were not concerned about the new law.

"Because I believe that even as we all, a college, it would actually make it a lot safer," Grayson College student Randall Nason said.

"No not really as long as they have the legal paperwork and everything to do so, I think you should be able to do whatever you want to do," Grayson College student Anthony Hawthorne said.

The staff also wants licensed carriers to understand that even though they can carry a firearm on campus, it must be concealed and not out in the open.

"This is not just two year, this is all college campuses. Concealed carry only. Open carry is not allowed anywhere on college campus," MacPherson said.