Grayson County judge orders woman to pay back $105,000 she embezzled

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) A Pottsboro woman stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from a fishing guide service. On Thursday the judge told her the only reason she wasn't behind bars is so she can pay back the money.

Christina Moody from Pottsboro, was sentenced to 10 years probation after embezzling nearly $105,000 from a fishing guide service on Lake Texoma.

"The judge made clear he only did that for one reason and that is so that Mr. Carey can get paid back the money that was stolen from him," said Grayson County Assistant District Attorney Matt Johnson.

He says beginning in March, Moody will be required to pay $1,500 a month until she pays the $105,000 back.

If she fails to make a payment she faces 8 years in prison.

"I met Christina Moody through friends and family."

Bill Carey, owner of Striper Express, hired Moody in 2015 as a secretary.

Just months after getting hired, he caught her forging nearly $54,000 worth of checks.

"It's been terrible. Those were funds from a FEMA SBA disaster loan," Carey said.

Money Carey says he received after 2015's record-breaking floods on Lake Texoma.

But he decided not to press charges.

Just 6 months later, she was caught stealing again.

"It's just a terrible circumstance. I'm pretty pleased with the way things happened today," said Carey.

Carey says they had planned to use the money from the loan to expand the business.

Those plans have been put on hold.

Under Moody's restitution plan, she is expected to pay off her debt in just over 5 years.

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