Gun used in church break-in

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) -- A man was arrested Saturday night after firing a gun to break into an Ardmore church.

"Its kind of a terrible time that you have to have security cameras and doors locked and all that at the church, but that's the generation we're living in." Senior pastor of the Crystal Rock Cathedral, Walt Spradling, said.

Around 8 p.m. Saturday, church surveillance video shows a man approaching the backside of the Crystal Rock Cathedral.

He pulls a gun and fires twice at a glass door, before grabbing a nearby rock to finish breaking out the window.

"Its just the strange word we live in today," Spradling said. "You just don't know the dangers out there. And the fact that he would use a gun to gain entrance into the building is frightening to anyone."

Another camera shows him inside the church, until the security alarm goes off, causing him to flee the scene.

"Its crazy to think someone would come to the house of God, and do something so extreme." Chuich member Eythan Tibbs said.

Police haven't released the name of the suspect, but Senior Pastor Walt Spradling says the young man had visited the church several times that week, and that they had even given him food and water.

"Someone that comes up that's hungry or needs help, most pastors and churches do something to try and assist them, but you have to be extremely careful anymore." Spradling said.

Spradling thinks he may have been casing the place, and now, will be reviewing their policies.

"You just can't let anybody inside the door anymore, and you just gotta be watchful." Spradling said.

Its an upsetting situation for church members.

"To break in- we probably would've given him whatever he wanted. He didn't have to break in to get it." Tibbs said.

Spradling says the suspect was spotted at Walmart after the surveillance video was posted to social media, and he was arrested; just an hour and a half after the break-in.

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