Health department talks about rodent viral video

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DENISON, Texas. (KXII) -- "The most recent complaint was late March," says Grayson County Health Department Director Amanda Ortez. "So just this year so the inspector did go in and just observe at that time evidence of rodent like droppings."

According to the late March field report, rodent droppings were found on the floor and boxes on top of the walk-in freezer were the problem, creating a potential home for rodents. That's the same walk-in freezer from this video, shot 6 months ago by a now disgruntled employee. The report also stated rodents have infested sacks of flour. I spoke with a current employee who would not go on camera.

"Within a few weeks yes I have," says the current employee. "I haven't seen any in the last few days but there's still evidence that they're still there. Every Monday morning, I'm throwing away multiple bags of flour from rats chewing on them about this big, it's not mice it's rats."

It's the same story told by that disgruntled employee in this video viewed tens of thousands of times on Facebook.

No complaints were made when he shot it. Six months passed, that employee got fired for threatening to beat up another employee and then he released the video.

"This is my job security. So If I get fired this is my video proof that I tried to shutdown," says Blake Beckham, the former employee.

"If this happens please report that, we do take reports, complaint reports seriously and we will follow up with that, this is a public health matter," says Ortez.

The health department says they went back this week, hours before the video was posted and didn't find any problems.

"The inspector did not observe at that time any type of rodent like droppings within the establishment," says Ortez.

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