Heavy Rainfall for Aug 12-13

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Texoma is in for a soaking this weekend; in fact, we may get too much of a good thing in some cases with excessive rainfall in the multi-inch range a better than even money bet.

It’s all the result of a slow-moving cold front, ample moisture, and a mid-level trough. The front may stall over us Saturday and linger through Sunday, setting the stage for a heavy rain event. Amounts of two to four inches are expected. The region that gets the most rain will be governed by where the front winds up and how long the mid-level feature hangs around. Right now, eastern and southern areas look to get the highest amounts (see map).

Temperatures will be quite mild thanks to the clouds and rain, with highs in the 80s to around 90.

Here’s a safety reminder - never drive through water more than six inches deep or of unknown depth, especially at night. Turn around, don’t drown!

Take Care,
Steve LaNore
Chief Meteorologist
News 12 / KXII-TV