High winds cause problems for locals

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII)-- Storms across Texoma didn't just bring rain, but high ends, such as in Ardmore, where those winds topped 50 miles per hour Sunday.

"You could hear the wind blowing against the windows, the fences and things like that." Ardmore resident Bobby England said.

And the city may have gotten less than a quarter inch of rain, but that doesn't mean residents weren't affected by the weather.

"It was just loud, blowing all over the place, and limbs going everywhere." Ardmore resident Shannon Conway said.

England and Conway live on opposite sides of town, but both were effected by high winds over the weekend.

"Broken windshield, its dented on top, and it looks like the back of the hood is caved in." England said, describing the damage to his son's car.

England says the wind was so loud Sunday, he didn't even hear the 20-year-old tree in his front yard topple.

"It's crazy! It's just crazy to walk out here and see one of your large trees laying down across the front of your vehicle." England said.

But he has power, unlike Conway, who has been without electricity since 4 Sunday afternoon. It's a difficult situation to be in with a fridge full of food, and both a 5-month-old and a 4-year-old to take care of.

"Last night it got pretty cold, so we bundled up together, and kind of stuck it out." Conway said.

OG&E told Conway that something is blocking the power to her street, and it may not be resolved until as late as tomorrow. So this evening, her family is staying elsewhere.

"You gotta uproot your whole family, but luckily we can go to our mom's and be there, and a lot of people, they don't have anywhere else to go." Conway said.

She still considers herself lucky...

"It could've been a lot worse, we could've got damage and luckily we didn't, so we can deal without power." Conway said.

And England is just glad to have insurance.

"God takes care of everything for us you know, so it's... that's the answer," England said. "I'm not stressing over it."

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