Middle schoolers serving Texoma first responders on 9/11

It's the 16th anniversary of Sept. 11, a day that shocked the nation and changed our country.

Here in Texoma, a local middle school decided to show support by serving those men and women who serve us.

The Howe Middle School student council hosted a cookout at the school and invited local first responders to come out and be served.

"We're serving the first responders hamburgers and hot dogs," said Korie Bouse, a 7th grader at the school.

"It's fun, but it's also lots of pressure because you want to make everything perfect," said Hayden Adkins, a 5th grader.

The local police department, fire department, and the Grayson County Sheriff's office all lined up for lunch and to hang out with the kids.

"We get to sit with the kids, answer any kind of questions, and get to be a part of the community," said Lt. Michael Hill of the Howe Police Department.

Officers said they were honored by the acts of kindness.

"There's those those tragic days that make you wish you weren't in law enforcement," Hill said. And then there's days like this that make you proud to be in a community that says thank you."

After weeks of tragedy and loss in the country, the first responders said this was a reminder that they are appreciated.

"I feel bad and I hope people are helping out with the hurricanes and all the tragedy that's been happening," Adkins said.

This was the first time the middle school has hosted an event like this, and they hope to continue serving the community next year.

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