Escaped inmate recaptured

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ATOKA COUNTY, Okla. -- A missing Atoka inmate was found Sunday afternoon, after he escaped from the McLeod Correctional Center Saturday night.

Warden Tommy Sharp says 31-year-old Guy Fleming was found in an abandoned barn around 3 p.m. Sunday, south of Antlers off of Highway 271.

Fleming was missing for less than 24 hours, last seen during a 6 p.m. inmate check, and discovered missing at the next inmate check two hours later.

Sharp says a local resident first spotted Fleming 10 miles east of the prison, which helped local authorities set up a perimeter that led to his eventual re-capture.

McLeod Correctional Center is a minimum security facility, with dorm-style rooms and no fences. Sharp says this kind of escape is known as a walk away.

But he says now Fleming will be moved to a medium security facility, and will additionally face felony escape charges.

Fleming was sentenced to 14 years for possession of child pornography back in May.

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