International bullying prevention speaker comes to Grayson County

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GUNTER, Texas (KXII) -- Students from all over Grayson County are hearing from an international anti-bullying speaker this week.

"We learned about bullying and not to bully," said 4th grader at Gunter Elementary Reid Brackeen.

Speaker Keenan West says he's been traveling to speak about the topic for about 5 years. He also records music.

"He was fun and he told us better ways to do it than just a talking way," said another 4th grader at the school, Reese Gibbs.

"If you get bullied, to go get a teacher, or if you see someone being bullied, stand up for them and be their friend," said Brackeen.

The presentation included dancing, singing and selfies to wrap up.

Superintendent Dr. Jill Siler said the idea came about after the middle school's leadership classes re-created one of West's music video 'Never Ever.' He is visiting 18 Grayson County Schools during his four-day trip - a record for him in one time frame.

"I am here today to inspire young kids, elementary kids, to have the courage it takes to step out of the crowd and stand up for their friends," said West.

In most cases, West said it's not the teacher, principal or even parent's responsibility to do something about harassment. Instead, it's a problem solved best by the children.

"My idea is to try to get the bystanders to speak up and to let those victims know we never give up, never give up," said West.

Student said next time they encounter a bully, they know what to do.

"I'm going to go stand up to them and tell a teacher," said Brackeen.

West will visit five more Grayson County schools Friday.

To watch the re-created music video mentioned above, follow this link:

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