Juvenile arrested in shots fired and police chase

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DENISON, Texas. (KXII) -- Denison police were on a wild car chase Thursday morning after a call came in that a shot was fired at a gas station.

"They fired a shot, we heard it wiz we don't know if it was right above us or just straight up in the air," says the shots fired witness Brandon.

Brandon, his 4 month old and 4 year old were at the Valero gas station just after 1 a.m. when shots were fired.

"If he would've aimed a little lower or made a mistake because he's a young kid with a gun, my kids could've got shot," says Brandon. "In about a minute later, he came back to the McDonalds. I was on the phone with police at that time to tell them where he was at."

Denison Police say they spotted the two suspects in this white SUV in the drive through line. When the suspects left, that's when the chase began. The suspects pulled into the CVS and were able to speed off,
driving though this neighborhood at an unsafe speed.

"My dogs started barking and I looked out the door and the police were out here so I knew something happened," says witness Doug Brown.

Neighbors say the suspects drove through the front yard of this house off West Elm, breaking the fence and eventually ditching their car here at the Coffman-Layne Cemetary, after they broke through another fence.

"They were looking in the cemetery over here and looking around and they come up and asked my brother if they can go on our property and look for suspects," says Brown.

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