Last second tips before tax deadline

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Wednesday marked less than a week until Americans need to turn in their taxes to the IRS.

I spoke to H&R Block tax consultant Susan Mack to give some tips on what to look for before the deadline.

"Well, the biggest tip is to get it filed. If you can't get it filed by Tuesday, you need to at least file an extension and pay at least 90 percent of what tax you believe is going to be due," H&R Block Senior Tax Consultant Susan Mack said.

Filing an extension will help give you more time to get your records in order before federal taxes are due in October.

There are common mistakes that people make when they file their tax forms such as picking the wrong filing status.

"And also stuff like credits," Mack said. "Education credits, teacher credits for just being a teacher you get credits. There's just little, tiny things that they leave off or mess up. That's something that we can all get fixed if we want to."

Mack says these are mistakes that can be fixed because they can go back and amend tax returns.

And when people are choosing to pick between filing taxes through mail or electronically, the recommended route would be to do it electronically.

"Because it's easy, it's safe, and it goes straight to the IRS," Mack said. "There's no stops in between. It goes straight into the IRS. So I would always file electronically if I could."

You will also get your refund earlier by electronically than through mail.

You would have to wait four to six weeks by mail, but you can get your refund back by two to three weeks electronically.

Mack and other tax experts want to stress to those who haven't filed to get your tax forms turned in.

"Just make sure you get them filed," Mack said. "That's the main thing if we can just get them filed or get that extension filed."

According to Mack, there are still over 40 million people in the United States who have not filed their taxes yet.

There is still time to get those done by midnight on Tuesday, April 18th.